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The FAB* lab is a collective of labs at Simon Fraser University whose joint focus is on organic evolution. FAB* stands for Felix Breden, Arne Mooers, Bernie Crespi, Mike Hart, and Mark Collard, the main faculty members involved (though membership is fluid and nondenominational). This site links to theirs, where you can find up-to-date information on lab members, publications and individual research programs. Our interests are mutual and complementary, and encompass a strongly phylogenetic perspective, speciation and radiation, evolution of social behaviours, molecular evolution, and comparative methods.
Current members (2015-2016) are exercised by phylogeography and phylogenetics most generally and their use in comparative methods and conservation; the evolution of social behaviours and the underlying genes (e.g. opsin genes, genes associated with courtship, various speciation genes); the evolution of human social disorders and the genes underlying those disorders; and many, many aspects of human evolution.
 The FAB-lab is made up of researchers whose primary focus of study is organic evolution. We meet weekly, the older folks sit on each others' students' committees, coordinate undergrad and graduate training, are active in various larger groups (such as the UBC/SFU/UVic Annual Ecology and Evolution Retreat, the Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, EVOWIBO, etc.) and basically think about evolution as much as possible. We also have close ties with more formal arrangements, including EBERG, Evolution at UBC, the Centre for Biodiversity Research at UBC, the Earth2 Ocean Lab, and the SFU Human Evolutionary Studies Program.
The FAB-lab is always looking for new members: motivated undergrads bitten by the evolution bug, prospective graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. We can offer you an interactive group, rigourous training (we hope) and a supportive environment (for sure). Indeed, with the strong links within SFU and between SFU and UBC, Vancouver is an exciting place to study evolution!
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