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Mon, Dec 11, 2017


The 'White Paper' [Link] What are the challenges and opportunities facing the study of evolution? Read about all this and more in the "White Paper", recently prepared by a group of more than 20 evolutionary biologists
Simon Fraser University [Link]
Pacific ecology conference [Link]
Vancouver evolution group [Link]
Behavioural ecology research group [Link]
Evolution at UBC [Link]
Centre for biodiversity research [Link]
Scientists for species [Link]
Tree of life web project [Link]
Web of science [Link]
Society of Systematic Biologists [Link]
National center for biotechnology information [Link]
Society for the study of evolution [Link]
The Tree of Life web project [Link]
The cyber infrastructure for phylogenetic research (CIPRES) [Link]
Phylogeny programs [Link]
The Mesquite project [Link]
Evoldir [Link]
Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution [Link]
American Society of Naturalists [Link]
European Society for Evolutionary Biology [Link]
The Evolution and Population Genetics Educational Database [Link]
A clearing house of information on Evolution [Link]
Resource Page Maintained by Bruce Walsh and Mike Lynch [Link]
Database of on-line resources in genetics [Link]
BioPerl [Link]
BioPython [Link]
BioJava [Link]
BioRuby [Link]
BioPipe [Link]
Open BioInformatics Foundation [Link]
nexml [Link]
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