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Mon, Dec 11, 2017


Felix Breden [Link] Population genetics and genomics, opsin evolution and sexual selection in guppies, human immunogenetics, MHC in wild salmon, mapping genes for spinal curvature in teleosts B8234 778-782-5647 778-782-3496 Professor Breden Lab
Arne Ø. Mooers [Link] In short, it's trees, conserving evolutionary history, and speciation. B8242 +1 604 291 3979 Professor Mooers Lab
Bernie Crespi [Link] social evolution, human brains and disease Professor Crespi Lab
Mike Hart [Link] Gene trees for phylogeography and adaptive molecular evolution. Biology and evolution of marine larvae Professor Hart Lab
Mark Collard [Link] Human evolution; phylogenetics; archaeological science 778-782-3135 Professor Collard Lab
Dr. Jeffrey Joy [Link] Diversification, life history evolution, symbioses, and evolutionary epidemiology Phone: 778-782-5625 Fax: 778-782-3496 PhD. candidate Mooers Lab
Dr. Mikael Mokkonen (Post Doc) genetics of sexual selection, parent-offspring conflict Visitor Crespi Lab
Dr. Melanie Monroe (PDF) [Link] macroevolution and conservation Visitor Mooers Lab
Will Stein Galliform life history evolution B9234/B9227 Phone: 604-291-4106/4979 Fax: 604-291-3496 PhD. candidate Mooers Lab
Jenn Sunday [Link] Localized co-evolution in marine long-distance dispersers SSB 6165 778-782-3538 PhD. candidate Hart Lab
Michael G. Elliot [Link] Comparative biology; mammalogy; placentation Phone: 778-782-5625 Fax: 778-782-3496 PhD. candidate Crespi Lab
Simon Goring [Link] Paleoecology, community phylogeny shape and climate B7231 778-782-4458 PhD. candidate
Corey Watson [Link] Evolution of duplicated and expanded gene families B9210 778-782-5641 PhD. candidate Breden Lab
Carson Keever [Link] Population genetics, life history evolution and colonization dynamics Visitor Hart Lab
Ben Sandkam [Link] Drivers of decision making in mating contexts. B9210 PhD. candidate Breden Lab
Marina Elliott Human evolution; estimating body mass in fossil hominins; inferring ancestry from human skeletal remain. PhD. candidate Collard Lab
Mana Dembo Human evolution; improving methods of reconstructing fossil hominin phylogenetic relationships. PhD. candidate Collard Lab
Dr. Heather Alexander (past member) [Link] Evolutionary processes that generate divergence within and among populations; how selection and historical events contribute to population differentiation and speciation; evolution of sex determination mechanisms. Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre PO Box 6, Bamfield, BC Bamfield, BC, Canada V0R 1B0 250-728-3301 ext. 359 Associate professor Breden Lab
Dr. Kristen Fay Gorman (past member) [Link] Teleosts as models for idiopathic scoliosis B9210 778-782-5641 778-782-3496 PhD. candidate Breden Lab
Suzanne Gray (past member) [Link] Maintenance of diversity in nature; colour polymorphism B2717 604-291-5864 PhD. candidate
Erica Jeffery (past member) Antagonistic coevolution, sexual conflict 604-291-5625 604-291-3496 MSc. candidate Crespi Lab
Clea Moray (past member) [Link] Phylogenetic relatedness within ecological communities B9227 Phone: 604-291-4649 MSc. candidate Mooers Lab
Christine Parent (past member) [Link] Research interests: processes and patterns of adaptive radiation B7255 Phone: 778-782-5625 Fax: 778-782-3496 Visitor Crespi Lab
Scott Pavey (past member) [Link] Sockeye Salmon in Aniakchak Park, Alaska PhD. candidate Breden Lab
David Redding (past member) Bird Phylogenetic Diversity and Conservation B9227/B9234 Phone: 604-291-4106/4979 Fax: 604-291-3496 PhD. candidate Mooers Lab
Jana Vamosi (past member) [Link] speciation and extinction in flowering plants Visitor
Rutger Vos (past member) [Link] More about my research interests can be found on my web page. Visitor Mooers Lab
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