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  • 24Apr

    April 21, 2012

    Try/CATCH Meeting


    - T- shirts ordered, to be picked up on Friday (bit worried about rising numbers – ordered 95 girls t shirts? Should up this?)
    - Advising session at 3:30
    - Parking – we have B-lot
    - CS Swag – to be picked up Monday
    - Movie tickets be picked up
    - Chingtai setting up CSIL

    Reception/Poster session:

    one table for each of:
    - Microsoft
    - SAP
    - CSSS
    - WICS
    - School of CS: will ask Greg
    - Poster presenters: Lisa will confirm everyone

    ==> 7 tables enough??

    - Draw maybe earlier, depending on how things are going

    Pins:  Wednesday – after the meeting

    Email companies: what do they need for the keynote? Reception?

    Facilities: ask for microphone


    - Send tiphanie old ones – by Thursday
    - Tiphanie: Certificates/passports; UPS will print them on the spot, it’s 49 cents a colour copy and 10 cents a black and white copy

    - Buy:
    - stickers/stamps
    - nametags
    - raffle tickets

    Carmen: Finalize food – is everything ready to be ordered?
    - Icebreaker - cookies and juice/water bottles/pop
    - Lunch - donairs and juice

    - Cake - chocolate
    - 2 sandwich platters
    - fruit platter
    - veggie platter
    - plates, cups, napkins, forks

    Finalize icebreaker:
    o Who is doing it? What will it be?
    o Shannon will figure out this on Wednesday
    o Renee will actually lead it

    To do:

    Shannon: print out pins; can anyone help?

    Pick up swags/prices:
    o   what do we want?
    o   Pick up raffle tickets
    o   Pick up ipad

    Renee - email girls about:
    o   photo waiver
    o   map
    o   advising session

    Carmen - email companies about:
    o   map
    o   parking

    Decide on decorations:
    o   who will pick them up? What do we want?
    - Take a look at volunteer schedule and see what we think: need more volunteers probably
    - Finalize reception – who is coming?

    o   When are they coming so we can make sure we have volunteers ready?

  • 18Apr


    - discussed v-neck vs. rounded; logo more suitable on rounded
    - revised budget
    - T-shirt: will choose V-neck



    - Nestor: purchase list: veggie+sandwich platters, 1 cake; may sponsor juices again this year(?)

    - high school visits
    - Facebook- send invites/events


    - passports; designs for T-shirt / pins finalized

    - posters distributed at diff. coq schools + Pt Moody/ Coq Libraries
    - poster/demo volunteers - 2 confirmed so far; will email Allen (cmpt470);
    - volunteers - 3 confirmed so far
    - Done: emailed 3 profs

    - will cmpt-women

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