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  • 24Nov

    Last Meeting Fall 2014

    WICS Meeting Minutes – November 20th, 2014

    Start Time: 12:00pm
    Location: TASC 9204 East
    Attendees: Bria(via Skype), Tina(meeting chair), Kathy, Sumo, Noura

    Discussed Topics

    FALL 2014

    Topic 1: Networking Night Event Feedback

    1. Positive feedback from the speakers.
    2. Suggestion for the next Networking Event: More marketing to attract more people to attend the event, consider the timing next time preferably during late October/ early November and inviting more speakers.

    Topic 2: International Women’s Hackathon Recap

    1. Allocate more time for the preparation of the event.
    2. Paying attention to the groups’ sizes and clarifying this in the handouts/competition guidelines.
    3. Suggestion: Having a common theme for all the participants to work on instead of different projects.

    Topic 3: End of the semester Movie Night (Friday Nov 28th 0500 pm - 0800 pm)

    1. Location to be determined.
    2. Movie is Agora
    3. No spending required.
    4. Popcorn served but feel free to bring anything (potluck).
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  • 12Nov

    WICS Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2014

    Start Time: 12:00pm
    Location: TASC 9204 E
    Attendees: Bria(via Skype), Tina(meeting chair), Kathy, Apassara, Daniela, Jackie

    Discussed Topics
    Topic 1: Try/CATCH 2015 election results and planning

    1. Election will be held through a web survey that Tina will send out soon
    2. Candidates:
      1. Promotions Coordinator ­ Aspassara Jurapan
      2. Graphic designer ­ Junyi Shao
      3. Secretary ­ Fizza Ali — Not present at meeting? Tina will email Fizza to see if she is still interested
    3. Vani of WEG and Tina will serve as co­chairs if no one applies to be chair
    4. Bria can help with planning after she finishes her coop? Kathy can also help out
    5. Bria will ask if Sumo can provide some assistance
    6. Jackie may be able to help out
    7. Daniela will help with recruiting volunteers
    8. Conclusion: go ahead with Try/CATCH and if planning is too much, cancel Try/CATCH 2015

    Topic 2: Mentor lunch with Dr. Jane Huang recap

    1. 6 attendees in total
    2. Overall, there was positive feedback from attendees. There was also a nice balance of graduate and undergraduate topics during discussion

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