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October 2017
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To become a part of our organization, simply join our emailing list.

For SFU students, alumni and faculty:

  1. Go to SFU’s Online Services
  2. Click on the “Create/Manage Email Lists” link.
  3. Enter your Computing/Webmail/Unix ID and password.
  4. Choose “Manage mail lists” form the available menu.
  5. Choose “Search for maillists” form the available menu.
  6. Search for the cmpt-women [at] sfu.ca mail list.
  7. Click the “Subscribe” button.

For those without an SFU email account:
Email the list moderator for more information.
You may be required to answer a few questions.

Please email questions, suggestions, and contributions for the site to the appropriate addresses below.

WICS mailing list: cmpt-women[at]sfu.ca

WICS mailing list for more active members (will receive more emails): wics-active[at]sfu.ca

WICS Facebook Group: WICS@SFU

List Moderator: wics@sfu.ca
Mail archive (password protected): www.cs.sfu.ca/CC/HM/cmpt-women

Webmaster: wics@sfu.ca